Lump Sum Investments

Lump Sum Investment

Over the medium and longer term, the growth from a balanced portfolio of stocks, mutual funds and bonds has exceeded that achieved by bank deposits. However, maintaining and managing a portfolio can be a huge task; an investor is constantly faced with the twin problems of how to maximize investment returns and how to do so with the minimum of complications, expense and time-consuming paper work.

An Offshore Portfolio Bond provides an answer. It can hold most of your worldwide investments in one place making for ease of administration, cost savings and tax efficiency. Offshore Portfolio Bonds are administered by long established Insurance companies experienced in dealing in the world stock markets. Such companies are based in the offshore centers of the Isle of Man, the Islands of Jersey and Guernsey, and Luxembourg.

At Global Wealth Management we off two types of Portfolio Management structures, Advisory and Discretionary.


For an Advisory Portfolio you can work with one of our experienced Financial Planners who can show you a selection of Mutual Funds, Structured Products, OEICs and many other investment products that fit your risk profile, geographical preference and any other criteria you specify. It means that you can keep greater control of your chosen Portfolio by investing in the areas that you find interesting. If you would rather not be involved in the Investment Process then Global Wealth Management’s Discretionary Portfolio may be of more interest…


A Discretionary Portfolio is one that is managed by either one of our Portfolio Managers or an outside manager from one of our panel providers. Our in-house team who have many years experience working on prestigious Stock Exchanges such as the NYSE, FTSE or NASDAQ and they will manage the investment portfolio on your behalf for a small management fee. Alternatively one of our Panel Managers such as TAM Asset Management can take over the Portfolio on your behalf.